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Jun 27, 2016 3:45 PM

More friends and former girlfriend testify in trial of Charles Normil

MANCHESTER - Testimony continued Monday in the trial of a Massachusetts man facing charges in connection with a home invasion and violent assault in Bedford back in 2012.

The jury continued to hear testimony from the alleged accomplice in the crime plus a former friend and girlfriend of the defendant, Charles Normil.

Monday was alleged accomplice Nathan Lamontagne’s last day on the witness stand. The defense was not letting him go without hitting home their main point -- that an accomplice in the case, facing extended jail time, can’t be trusted.

They told you, ‘if you didn’t cooperate there would be a chance that you wouldn’t be let out of prison’? said Defense Attorney Andrew Ouellette to Nathan Lamontagne.

Lamontagne agreed, “Correct.”

Lamontagne is currently serving a five-year sentence for his involvement in the break in and attempted murder. But he was not the only former friend called in to testify against Normil.

“You told them you didn’t know anything about the Bedford case?” asked attorney Ouellette to Jeff Leblanc, who said he and Normil used to be friends.

“Yeah I told him anything to get him off my property, to not help him,” said Jeff Leblanc referring to an officer attempting to ask him about what he knew of Normil’s involvement.

The prosecution and defense were both unhappy with how uncooperative Leblanc was on the stand. Even Normil’s ex-girlfriend was called to the stand but was not willing to offer much for or against Normil.

“And the only thing Charles ever told you was that he was innocent?” asked Defense Attorney Sarah Rothman.

“Yes,” replied Talescha Barthelmy who identified herself as Normil’s on-and-off girlfriend during the time of the break-in.

Testimony concluded with a forensic analyst from the state’s crime lab explaining how the state could trace a shoe mark to the defendant. Cross examination’s will begin with expert, Lisa Corson, Tuesday.

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