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Oct 21, 2016 12:11 PM

Manchester woman pulled over for reckless driving, arrested on drug and disorderly charges

MANCHESTER — A woman was pulled over for an accident where she struck two parked cars and ended up getting arrested for drug and disorderly charges.

Olivia Fitzwater Duran, 22, of Manchester, was driving her 2005 Chrysler 300 on Oak Street when she began operating erratically and swerving towards a jogger on the sidewalk, witnesses told police.

Fitzwater Duran struck two parked cars before getting out of her car and proceeding to stuff unknown items inside the front of her pants.

The responding officer conducted an investigation on the accident and determined that Fitzwater Duran would be arrested for reckless operation. She then continued to act disorderly and shouted vulgar obscenities at the officer that could be heard by the public, police said.

While the officer was arresting Fitzwater Duran he found prescription drugs, which she was not prescribed, on her person. She was also out on bail with condition imposed by the court.

Fitzwater Duran has been charged with possession of prescription drugs, disorderly conduct, violation of bail conditions and reckless operation. She was arraigned on Friday in Manchester.

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