Jul 23, 2016 5:11 PM

Manchester residents hold event to 'take back city' from heroin epidemic

MANCHESTER — The Queen City united on Saturday morning to show their support and put an end to the growing heroin and opiod epidemic.

"If people are fortunate enough to not have it touch their family then they should count their blessings," said Lisa Freeman, a Manchester resident. Freeman shared with NH1 News that over the years, Manchester has gone downhill when it comes to drugs. However, she is relieved that her city is finally coming together to find answers

Hundreds of people walked from stand-to-stand at Veteran's Memorial Park, picking up pamphlets with hope and passing by photos of those that had lost their battle with addiction.

"I personally have been affected by it through direct family and it's a tough situation, man, you know a lot of people are going through it, we're losing kids young," said Ace Don, of Somerville, Mass. asfter performing a song on stage for the event. "A quarter of my high school class has actually passed away from stuff like that and it's just time we take a stand you know?"

In an effort to 'Take back our city', organizations from around the state offer addiction services and education to the public.

"You can't sweep it under the carpet, you really have to face it head-on," said Freeman. "It's there we have to deal with it but let's find some ways to do that. And this definitely gives you a lot of information on how to do that."

Recovering addicts took the stage as they shared their stories.

"When I couldn't die, when I tried so many times to put the needle in my arm and die and I couldn't, I knew I had a purpose," said RJ a recovering addict who traveled from Florida to the crowd of NH residents.

"People gotta start speaking up, if people don't speak up nothing is ever going to change, said Brandon Toro 'Neeze,' from Somervilla, MA. One hundred people, two hundred people, three hundred people, it doesn't matter, it's people coming together."

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