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Jun 30, 2016 5:28 AM

Mammoth Maine snake found! On Twitter, that is...

WESTBROOK, Maine - Wildlife officials are on a mad hunt to find a 10-foot snake and while they haven't found it in the Presumpscot River, there is one place he can be found - Twitter.

The snake was spotted eating a beaver in the river earlier this week by several people and has now become a local legend. And thanks to one person's Twitter account, @WessieThon is becoming somewhat of a star.

The snake is answering followers' questions, making political statements, and daring Westbrook Police to find him. Over 700 people have already followed the account on Twitter.

"I am a peaceful snake. And really, who likes beavers anyway?" WessieThon tweeted.

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According @WessieThon, the snake has "a condo in Boca," a degree from Trump University, and he's not poisonous, "I'm just big-boned."

Wessie seems to be somewhat political, cursing Obamacare and threatening to eat Donald Trump to become the "presumptive Presumscot python." He's got some harsh thoughts on immigration reform.

"Close the border to all Canadians heading to Old Orchard Beach," @WessieThon tweeted.

While it seems @WessieThon will be content to poke at the media and police on Twitter, the snake has some other plans for the holiday weekend.

"Wimbledon and fireworks. Nothing too exciting," he wrote.

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