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Jul 6, 2017 3:11 PM

Make a splash in one of these 5 NH swimming holes this summer

When the weather heats up and even the thermostat is sweating, the best way to stay cool is dive into one of NH's many swimming holes.

NH1 gathered five of the best secluded areas for swimming around the state for all your splashing needs.

You do swim at your own risk at these locations due to the lack of lifeguards and official personnel, so check the water conditions before attempting to swim in these places. NH1 is not responsible for any injuries due to this list.

1. Smarts Brook. Located only 3.9 miles north of Campton, this little place has a cute waterfall cascade and deep waters for swimming or jumping. The water is located at the base of White Mountain and runoff from the mountain helps fill it with beautifully clear water.

2. Otter Rocks. A quaint spot that is located only eight miles from Lincoln, Otter Rocks is a nice picnic spot with swimming options as well. It is normally relatively quiet, and the conditions tend to be good enough for swimming as long as rainfall has been adequate.

3. An Eddy of the Merrimack River near Concord. This spot is near Second Street in Concord, and it has a sand beach next to the river. It is pretty empty during the early morning and a great spot for the family to swim, but it can get crowded in the late afternoon, so be ready to share that beach.

4. Paradise by Bartlett. If you hate crowds and people in general, this place is perfect for you. Relatively unknown, and filled with plenty of rocks for jumping or sunning, Paradise is the option for all you introverts who just want to enjoy water and sun without sounds of noisy children and adults.

5. Diana's Baths. One of the more famous swimming holes in NH is Diana's Baths located in North Conway. This spot is beautiful due to Cedar Brook flowing over rocks into a small pool of water. Visitors can even slide along the rocks and dive straight into the water. In order to park there, people do need a White Mountain National Forest permit.

Let NH1 know if you try any of these great swimming holes, or share your favorite spots (if you don't mind an increase in visitors of course).

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