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Dec 8, 2015 6:15 PM

Local Muslim woman reacts to Donald Trump's controversial comments

CONCORD - Nadia Alawa is a Muslim. She's been battling stereotypes since she came to the United States ten years ago.

"Maybe my son is running off, I have to be very careful of running because it could be miscontrued," said Alawa. "Is he running from something? What's going on there? There's a difference in our body language and how we behave."

NH1 News first caught up with Nadia after the terror attacks in Paris. Now, a few weeks later the massacre in California and prejudice from Donald Trump's comments about Muslims this week is making her family members' lives even more complicated.

"I'm convinced that in the next few days we will see more people stepping up to the plate and realizing that if we don't do something, Trump is not going to go away," said Alawa.

She has an idea of how to help mend barriers.

"What I really want people to do and what I also myself need to do... is to reach out to your neighbor."

Nadia is not a radical Muslim. She goes out of her way to acclimate to the culture in New Hampshire by volunteering regularly and she's even a part of Revolutionary War reenactments.

Nadia is also the founder of Nu Day Syria out of East Hampstead. They locate and support the displaced, elderly, and wounded in the country. Her team collects items in the US to distribute them to terror-free parts the Syria- through the contacts she's built for years.

"Those items could be used in any way and manor," she said of the items they collect to send. "We sweat and we work and want to make sure that we help the civilians and the Muslim children who are the victims of what's going on inside Syria."

Since 2013, Nu Day Syria has helped send blankets, clothes, food, toys and more to help thousands in need to not just Muslims but Christians as well. They also collaborate to support schools, clean water and job centers for single mothers through their motto- 'one person at a time.'

Their website shows how you can help:

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