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Apr 24, 2016 6:06 PM

Litchfield residents pick up more bottled water thanks to NH DES and local firefighters

LITCHFIELD - The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services set up camp at the Litchfield Transfer Station Sunday morning, allowing residents to pick up an additional supply of bottled water while officials continue to investigate drinking water contaminated with the chemical PFOA.

"I wasn't very happy but what are you gonna do? You know, I just want to know what's going on and how it's going to get taken care of is the main thing," Litchfield resident Bob Camusso said.

Residents living within a 1-mile radius of St. Gobain Performance Plastics Facility and use water from local wells, lined up at the Litchfield Transfer Station sunday morning, loading up on over a month's supply of bottled water.

"Last night I was drinking water and then I woke up this morning and my dad told me that our water might be contaminated and to not drink it," Caraline Falzone, a Litchfield local said with concern.

The DES along with the Litchfield Fire Department loaded 5+ cases of water into more than 70 vehicles and volunteering to make home deliveries.

"I know all of the town appreciates it because I mean it's just nice to know somebody cares," Falzone said.

The DES is continuing to work with St. Gobain to investigate and determine a more long-term solution for those residents that are being affected by the chemical PFOA.

"Primary ones are to do some sort of treatment system, a filtration system," DES Assistant Commisioner, Clark Freise said. "So if we can get people on to municipal water out of Penechuck or out of MBD, that's just really the best possible path."

Long term exposure to high levels of pfoa has been associated with a number of illnesses including thyroid issues and pregnancy induced hypertension, but the research is incomplete.

For more information related to the investigation, please visit the NHDES website at or call the public inquiry line at (603) 371-9461.

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