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Nov 5, 2015 3:36 PM

Lillie the Black Lab found in well almost 2 months after going missing in Bow

BOW - Lillie, a year-old old black lab escaped from her Bow home Sept. 13.

Her owner, Eileen Ketcham, who breeds and shows labs, says she was trying to put the dogs inside for the night and Lillie and her sister Sunny took off.

Eileen lives on Route 3A, a busy road with Interstate 93 right behind her house.

Sonny was hit and killed on the highway that night. But, Lillie was nowhere to be found.

Eileen contacted Granite State Dog Recovery and put up fliers around town, but with each passing day, she was losing hope.

Fast forward to Nov. 1 – the first day of muzzleloading season for hunters in the state.

Adam Cheney of Colebrook decided to head out to a somewhat obscure spot near his parents house in Bow. Adam says he goes there sometimes because it’s not a popular spot for other hunters.

He said he was surprised when he started hearing a dog barking.

He went closer toward the bark and found Lillie sitting in a foot and a half of water in a five foot well.

Adam gently pulled Lillie up from the well. “

He describes her condition. “Very thin. You could see all her ribs. Her hind end you could see it was right down to muscle and you could tell she'd been sitting in well water for however long which is probably a good thing because if she didn’t have the well water she probably wouldn’t have made it as long as she did. She was cold, thin she was shaking"

Lillie is now back home and recovering.

As for the well, Adam made a temporary cover with old tree trunks but state law says it needs to be properly covered by the property owner.

Susan Piche, Vice President of Granite State Dog Recovery says they are split as to where Lillie has been this whole time. Some believe she had been running in the woods and recently fell into the well, while others think she may have fallen in when she originally went missing and had been surviving on mud and the water in the well this whole time.

The one thing they can agree on? Only Lillie knows the real answer, and she’s not telling.

Susan says although these stories are rare, they aren’t impossible. Granite State Dog Recovery recently caught a dog who had been missing for 6 years. “Dogs do what they have to do to survive,” she says.

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