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Feb 8, 2016 8:18 PM

Landrigan: Sanders, Clinton offer contrasting styles in making last argument to NH voters

"We can’t let any lobby; we can’t let any unelected force for money, for drugs, for guns, for Big Oil, insurance you name it. They can’t control our government any longer,’’ says Hillary Clinton.

Wow on the eve of our big primary, that sounds like a political revolutionary not the establishment, national front-runner.

This is the tale of two candidates….with polls showing Bernie Sanders holding a massive a big lead, we see very different performances on this final day of campaigning.

The Vermont senator doesn’t even refer to Hillary Clinton and in a heady moment talks about his judicial picks.

"No nominee of mine to the United States Supreme Court will get that position unless he or she is loud and clear in stating they will vote to overturn Citizens United," Sanders says at Daniel Webster College in Nashua.

Meanwhile 15 miles up the Everett Turnpike, Clinton continues to hammer away first at the Sanders push to go to a government-only health care system.

"We cannot take what looks good on paper an idea and say you know what we are going to thrust our nation into a contentious debate and start all over," Clinton says.

Sanders returns to a familiar theme.

"Whether the people of New Hampshire are prepared to stand up to the billionaire class," he says. "That’s what tomorrow’s election is all about."

But the former secretary of state says it’s she not Sanders who would be the real Wall Street change agent.

"Why are they spending $6 million dollar trying to defeat me in this primary," Clinton says. "I’ll tell you why because I want you to understand this. I haven’t just talked. I haven’t just given speeches. I’ve introduced legislation; I’ve called them out."

She may be totally misreading the voters of New Hampshire but this didn't sound like someone who is going to be embarrassed on Tuesday night.

Rather she thinks she has a surprise and maybe a political comeback.

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