Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas wins recount and holds on for a 64-vote win over challenger and Alderman Joyce Craig.

Nov 9, 2015 8:22 PM

Landrigan: Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas survives recount, officially wins fourth term

MANCHESTER - It took nine hours to complete but Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas got his fourth term affirmed after today’s recount.

The final numbers had Gatsas winning by 64 down from the 85 votes he won over Alderman Joyce Craig last Tuesday.

Her camp defended the revote.

"Both of these candidates received 49 point something percent of the vote,’’ says former Democratic Party Chairwoman Kathy Sulllivan, a lawyer for the Craig campaign.

"When it’s that close I think we owe it to the voters in

Manchester as well as both candidates to find out what the vote really is.’’

The mayor’s takes a pass when asked if he’d be asking for the recount if he lost by this tight margin.

"I guess I’m not going to stand here and look at those tea leaves. We’re at the recount so we’ll leave it at that,’’ Gatsas tells NH1 News.

An early shocker. The recount in Ward 1 gives Craig a net gain of 24 votes but lawyers for Gatsas ask for a second recount.

"Mayor Gatsas team didn’t like the votes in Ward 1 so they wanted to re-tally the votes,’’ Sullivan says.

Gatsas suspects human error in the recount but moves on.

"It looks like there might have been an extra stack of 25 counted more than once but I’m not going to sit here and second guess the result, let’s move on get the rest of the wards done and find out where we stand,’’ Gatsas says,

The city clerk sides with Gatsas but the Baord of Recount votes 2-1 not to give Ward 1 ballots another look.

"Under the rules of the Board of Recount and state statute there should not be a second recount,’’ Sullivan says.

Gatsas sounds ready to get cracking.

"That’s the main priority. We start setting the agenda tomorrow,’’ Gatsas says.

Chief Political Correspondent Kevin Landrigan sums up, "When the margin is four tenths of one person, no one gets blamed for asking a recount but Mayor Ted Gatsas looking forward to getting on with his fourth term.’’

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