Sep 10, 2015 5:33 PM

Landrigan: Human services provider group calls for NH lawmakers to override Hassan's budget veto


CONCORD - Lawmakers are getting urged to override Gov. Maggie Hassan's budget veto.

"We are urging representatives to vote to override the governor’s veto,’’ says Carolyn Virtue, CEO of Heritage Case Management.

This is a man bites dog scenario playing itself out at the State House, some private, non-profit providers defying Hassan to support the Republican-written N.H. state budget.

"The budget contains some very helpful language in it for community-based care providers,’’ she continued.

The reason: These small agencies that help frail seniors and the disabled stay in their homes haven’t gotten a rate increase in six years and this budget gave it to them.

Since the veto we’ve lost a number of community-based care providers,’’ Virtue went on to say.

Others can’t wait months for this budget impasse to resolve itself.

"I can tell you for my agency specifically, it’s day to day,’’ she added.

Meanwhile, lawmakers learn today the stalled budget means a health care licensing unit is down to one person.

"I think what falls through the cracks to be honest is the oversight, the check in and that part of it which to me is just as critical as getting the care out the door,’’ said Sheri Rockburn, chief financial officer for the Department of Health and Human Services.


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