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Sep 28, 2015 6:16 PM

Landrigan: Hillary Clinton supporter sees right-wing conspiracy again at work

"The Atlantic Magazine has called it a right wing conglomerate, better financed, more sophisticated.’’

That’s the take of former conservative turned liberal activist and author David Brock who says a reborn right wing conspiracy is bent on sinking the presidential fortunes of his candidate, Hillary Clinton

And the national media is helping, Brock tells NH1 News.

"I don’t believe the media is ideological or partisan against Hillary, that’s an economic incentive,’’ Brock says, ``that’s about making your career, Hillary’s a huge target, those are the things that go on in journalism.’’

Brock says Clinton rival Bernie Sanders’ assault on Wall Street and big money has turned on activists.

"I think that Senator Sanders is touching on some issues that excite the progressive base of the party,’’ Brock says.

To hear Brock tell it, his former conservative allies worry about nominating a Republican who’s never faced the voters.

"I think the Republican establishment is in a bit of a panic right now because really the three front runners not only Trump but Carson and Fiorina, all have never held elective office,’’ Brock says.

And for all of Clinton’s stumbles, Brock says it’s been much worse for the GOP’s one-time frontrunner.

"The real story that is uncovered or under-covered I think is the implosion of Jeb Bush; the party does not seem to want Jeb Bush,’’ Brock adds.

And Brock says the GOP’s need to have Florida has him thinking about who could step in the void if Bush falls apart.

"If Jeb is stalling the party might turn to Marco Rubio. He is getting a little bit of a lift in the polls and from what I hear the establishment is taking a second look at Marco Rubio,’’ Brock concludes.

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