Franklin Graham, son of legendary televangelist Billy Graham, brings his Decision 2016 prayer rally tour to a packed State House audience today.

Jan 19, 2016 7:56 PM

Landrigan: Franklin Graham, son of a televangelist icon, brings his 2016 message to a packed State House crowd

CONCORD - "Our politicians and many of our churches are more concerned with political correctness than with God’s truth,’’ says Franklin Graham, CEO of Graham Televangelist Assn.

The fourth child of legendary televangelist Billy Graham, he draws a huge State House crowd for the latest stage of his 50-state prayer rally tour Decision 2016.

He tells NH1 News this campaign is not about supporting a candidate or a party.

"I’m not going to get into telling people how to vote or way I’m leaning because I don’t want to influence people. I want God to do it," Graham says.

Graham wants them to pray about it and nearly 2,000 here face bone-chilling temperatures, bow their heads and ask for forgiveness.

"This is a campaign for God. I’m not running this for Republicans or Democrats or Tea Party. This is about getting Christians to get out and get involved in the political process in both parties," Graham continues.

He offers none of the personal political views that landed him in hot water before, criticism of Muslims and in 2010 questioning President Obama’s faith.

But he makes no apologies about assaulting what he sees as a growing secular society.

"It has taken root now and it’s no different than communism in the sense that both are Godless," Graham adds.

And Graham says there’s only one solution.

"Let’s elect men and women to office that will lead this country back to really being one nation under God," Graham concludes.

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