Ex-RI Gov. and onetime US Sen. Lincoln Chafee ended his longshot Democratic bid for the White House today

Oct 23, 2015 1:38 PM

Landrigan: Ex-Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee ends his quixotic Democratic campaign for president

CONCORD - Former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee ended his long-shot, and sometimes nearly invisible, Democratic run for president today.

Chafee used the occasion to make one last promotion for his plank of Prosperity Through Peace and made the announcement at the Women’s Annual Leadership Forum in Washington.

"As you know, I have been campaigning on a platform of Prosperity Through Peace," Chafee said. "But after much thought I have decided to end my campaign for president today. I would like to take this opportunity one last time to advocate for a chance be given to peace."

National and key state polls had Chafee hovering at or near 0 percent.

Chafee admitted the timing of the decision comes after a good week for the national frontrunner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

And his exit from the race makes for three to leave or take a pass along with Vice President Joe Biden who decided against jumping in and former VA Sen. Jim Webb who also dropped out.

"Obviously it was a good week for Secretary Clinton," Chafee said. "She did well in the debates and then Senator Webb got out, Vice President Biden declined to join the race, she did well in the Benghazi hearing and Gov. Chafee got out of the race."

Chafee has spent most of his life as a Republican. He was nominated to his late father's Senate seat in 1999 and then was elected as a Republican in 2000. He served only one term, losing to Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse in 2006, but then successfully ran for governor of Rhode Island as an independent.

During the recent debate, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper pressed Chafee on the moves prompting the candidate to say he was a ``block of granite’’ on the issues.

Since announcing last June, Chafee got the most media coverage through his vocal support for the United States converting to the metric system.

But Chafee and his campaign were plagued by poor follow through. He often made visits to New Hampshire without staff or the candidate telling the local media he was coming ahead of time.

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