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Mar 17, 2016 6:03 PM

Landrigan: Conservative activist alleging voter fraud has tables turned on him.

CONCORD - Conservative activist James O’Keefe went on the offensive on Thursday to present evidence of alleged voter fraud in the first-in-the-nation primary.

"We caught stuff on tape that was so shocking to people across the country and they focus on attacking the messenger," he said at news conference.

O’Keefe was firing back at Attorney General Joe Foster, who asked him to produce raw footage to back up the claims.

"It’s all a bit of history repeating because four years ago New Hampshire Attorney General Richard Head managed a criminal investigation of myself and my organization Project Veritas," O’Keefe said.

So rather than answer the AG’s request, O’Keefe instead walks the raw footage over and presented it to Gov. Maggie Hassan’s office.

"Since this is an election year, her actions and the attorney general’s actions are political," O’Keefe claimed.

Through her Communications Director William Hinkle, Hassan said, "Anyone who commits voter fraud should be prosecuted, and the Governor's Office has provided the footage that was dropped off today to the Attorney General's Office, which has an ongoing investigation into the alleged violations from the primary."

But O’Keefe walked right into an AG Investigator Richard Tracy who handed him a criminal subpoena to appear in Hillsborough County Superior Court in Manchester.

"So you are subpoenaing me?" he asked.

"Yes for April 14th," Tracy said.

"Are you subpoenaing the actual people who committed the crimes?" O’Keefe fired back.

"That may happen," Tracy responded.

Project Verittas claims out-of-state voters cast illegal ballots, workers with Bernie Sanders used a campaign office as their legal address and Australian residents unlawfully took part in the presidential campaign.

"They are apparently going to continue coming after me instead of going after the fraudsters in the state. This is unbelievable," O’Keefe added.

The conservative activist maintains that if he were from the establishment media and not a "citizen journalist," he would not be treated this way.

O’Keefe told reporters he will consult his own lawyer about whether to respond to the subpoena by appearing in person.

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