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Dec 11, 2015 6:03 PM

Landrigan: Carly Fiorina says Trump's chest thumping does nothing to degrade ISIS.

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump can do his chest thumping about Muslims but the woman who would be the first female commander in chief says this fails to degrade ISIS.

"I understand it plays on peoples’ fears and frustration but unfortunately it’s not a plan. It will do nothing to solve the problem," said Carly Fiorina.

"We have two problems, number one we have terrorists and would be terrorists already in the homeland it does nothing to fix that and number two it does nothing to deny ISIS territory in the Middle East," Fiorina continued.

Fiorina says the Democratic frontrunner should be so lucky to get Trump in 2016.

"Somebody like Donald Trump is a big Christmas gift under the free for Hillary Clinton, and I am the lump of coal in her stocking,’’ Fiorina said.

With less than two months to the first primary, Fiorina has a Christmas card for New Hampshire voters.

"I also have to say I’m very grateful to the people of New Hampshire because nobody gave me a shot. When I rolled out my presidential campaign, I was 17 out of 16, nobody knew my name," Fiorina said.

"All the pundits said this is impossible but the people of New Hampshire listened very carefully every step of the way and that’s why I am in the top tier of contenders.’’

As New Hampshire struggles with a heroin and opioid crisis, Fiorina, a cancer survivor, suffered her own painful loss.

"Two weeks after I finished a long and arduous battle with cancer, we buried our younger daughter to the demons of addiction," Fiorina said.

She clearly likes most to talk about the striking contrast with the only Democratic female candidate in 2016.

"When she faces me she won’t be able to talk about the historic nature of her candidacy. She will not be able to talk about the war on women. The only thing she’s going to be able to talk about is her track record and her track record is sorely lacking," Fiorina added.

Observing Fiorina in action, Chief Political Correspondent Kevin Landrigan summed it up.

"Not sure how many votes Carly Fiorina nailed down but a lot of votes for seeing a debate between her and Hillary Clinton," he said.

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