Hillary Clinton talks about the comeback it would take, the burden as potentially the first woman president and how to break the political pendulum that usually returns the White House to the other party after eight years of opposition control.

Feb 2, 2016 6:54 PM

Landrigan: Can Clinton pull off biggest comeback of career against popular Sanders?

NASHUA - "I am so thrilled I am coming to New Hampshire after winning Iowa. I’ve won and I’ve lost there. It’s a lot better to win,’’ a jubilant Hillary Clinton tells an overflow crowd at Nashua Community College.

Hillary Clinton’s back in New Hampshire with an even taller order than eight years ago; beat a favorite son with a huge lead in the polls.

"As you know we just got in from Iowa where we astounded the world and now in New Hampshire we are going to astound the world again,’’ says Bernie Sanders to a loud ovation from early morning supporters in Bow.

Has Clinton ever faced longer odds before? Could this be the biggest close of all in New Hampshire?

"I’m sure going to give it everything I have because the people of New Hampshire have been very good to my husband and me,’’ Hillary Clinton tells NH1 News.

Vermont Senator Sanders insists it’s the conservative Republicans who are radicals not him.

"None of the ideas I am talking about are radical, pie in the sky ideas. These are the ideas the American people believe in,’’ Sanders says.

Clinton takes aim at Sanders who wants to go to a single-payer health care system.

"He wants us to begin another contentious national debate about what to do with health care and I just fundamentally disagree. I don’t want us to go back into gridlock,’’ Clinton declares.

Sanders says the Affordable Care Act isn’t enough on its own.

"Every major country has said health care is a right for its people. In our country and this is important despite the ACA today we have 29 million people without health insurance,’’ Sanders says at a rally in Keene.

The Clinton followers saw Bill do it in 1992, Hillary in 2008 they think she’s got another monster closing act in her.

I think she can do it again. There is a lot of momentum coming out of Iowa. There is a lot of support for Hillary and support for Bernie as well but I think we can pull this off,’’ says Melanie Levesque, a Brookline activist and ex-state legislator.

Ex-Rep. Riccia McMahon served in Bill Clinton’s administration.

"Anything is possible, Kevin. You know she did a great in Iowa and that gives us a foundation but we’ve got a lot of work to do,’’ she declares.

Former Ambassador Terry Shumaker was in the Bill and Hillary Clinton inner circle back in 1991.

"This can be done. There’s a week to go and a lot of undecideds,’’ Shumaker says.

Sorry Bill. If Hillary beats Bernie Sanders coming back by more than 20 points she’ll be the real comeback kid.

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