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Jan 20, 2016 5:44 PM

Landrigan: Bill Clinton says Hillary in 'hard fight' but makes case against Sanders in NH

CONCORD - Hillary Clinton couldn't do better for a surrogate than the former president, and there's no better time than now as polls suggest Bernie Sanders is solidly out in front here.

"I think she’s the best change maker," Bill Clinton made the case for Hillary as opposed to the so-called other candidate.

"I know we’re in hard fight here and we’re running against one of your neighbors,’’ Clinton said.

The former President knows it’s time to try and move votes away from a popular Bernie Sanders and into Hillary Clinton’s column.

"This state has been so good to me and Hillary and we have learned a great deal every time we have come here," Clinton continued.

Clinton said Sanders’ single payer health care plan can’t ever make it through a Republican Congress.

"This House has voted 60 times to repeal the whole thing so it’s a recipe for gridlock," Clinton declared.

Sure, Clinton says Sanders would be the champion of the downtrodden, but Hillary would make sure everyone could thrive.

"She’s thinks, in other words, we need to build an economy for the struggling, the striving and the successful; we’ve got to do this together,’’ Clinton added.

Hillary’s followers lament that every Republican has tagged their candidate while Sanders has gotten a pass.

"I think she’s obviously a threat and think she’s got a lot of qualities they see as potentially being their competition, so that’s what they are obviously going to target," said Jessica Eskeland, a Concord supporter of Hillary Clinton’s.

Clinton will never forgive the right wing for driving up Hillary’s negatives.

"They have a proven strategy that they’ve worked on hard for more than a year, distract, divide and demonize. Leave no sleaze behind," Clinton said.

So he asks voters to remember 1992 when they bore through all the attacks and set him a political journey to the mountaintop.

"You gave the chance. Things worked out pretty well," Clinton said.

Hillary keeps pulling Bill out here like a lucky rabbit’s foot hoping in 20 days, his magic help make her the second coming of the Comeback Kid.

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