Rep. Don Leeman, R-Rochester, is able to keep his House seat even though he moved temporarily out of the district after he proves he's moved back.

Mar 9, 2016 8:01 PM

Landrigan: A tale of three House Reps; 1 resigned, 1 holds onto his seat, a 3rd in tears

CONCORD - House Clerk Paul Smith read the long-anticipated letter of resignation today.

"Dear Speaker Jasper. I am writing to resign my seat as representative from Rockingham County Dist. 2. I appreciate all your courtesies in the time. I have served in the New Hampshire Legislature. Sincerely, Kyle Tasker," Smith read.

The dirty little secret was if three-term Republican State Rep. Kyle Tasker did not jump, he would have pushed after his arrest on sex and drug felony charges.

"I’m glad Representative Tasker chose to resign, it’s the only option he had. I know eventually possibly he could have been expelled by the House and we hate to go through that process," said House Democratic Leader Steve Shurtleff.

The towns in Tasker’s old district must ask the Executive Council to fill the seat but they’ve got to act real fast or they won’t have enough time to hold the election before the regular filing period starts in June.

Tasker worked on serious bills like requiring police to wear body cameras but he’ll be remembered most for controversy

"Representative Tasker has had a reputation for acting in outlandish ways for the last several terms he’s been in the House, comments he’s posted on Facebook," Shurtleff continued.

Meanwhile, first-term Republican State Rep. Don Leeman gets to keep his House seat. House Speaker Shawn Jasper dropped a move to remove him after Leeman proved he moved back into his district after temporarily being out.

"We determined, okay, he’s back in there because obviously removing a Representative from a seat they were duly elected to represent is something that you don’t take lightl, so we wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt,’’ said House Majority Leader Dick Hinch, R-Merrimack.

But a short time after keeping his seat, Leeman’s back in hot water for an remark made at Susan Delemus about her husband, Jerry, sitting in a federal jail after his arrest in connection with an anti-government protest in Nevada.

Mrs. Delamus began to cry at the remark. Moments after Jasper scolded Leeman, he came to the full House to apologize.

"I hope she will accept that apology in the spirit that it is offered. I know both Sue and her husband. They are neighbors of mine in Rochester. I have the greatest respect for both of them,’" Leeman added.

Three House Republicans, one stepping down, one saving his seat, a third in tears - probably why House Speaker Jasper will look forward to having this week in his rearview mirror.

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