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Jun 30, 2015 4:26 PM

June 30 will be 1 second longer than it usually is thanks to 'leap second'


The night of June 30 may be a little longer than usual - but just by a second.

Around 8 p.m. eastern time, the 'leap' second is going to happen.

The reason for this additional second is the Earth is gradually slowing its rotation. It normally takes 86,400 seconds for the Earth to complete a rotation but its been taking .002 longer than usual.

The Leap Second isn't all fun and games. The last jump that happened, in 2012, caused flight delays, websites to crash and computer problems.

Typically, computers are programmed to 86,400 seconds per day so even an extra second can cause computers to crash.

The leap second started in 1972 and continued pretty consistently until 1998 but scientists are not sure why it has occurred less often.

Even Google is adding a few milliseconds on to their clocks throughout the day.

As you know, the bonus second adds a ton of time to your day so if you need a way to waste it, John Oliver from the HBO series Last Week Tonight as created a website for you to do just that.

Head on over to spendyourleapsecondhere.com to watch as many 1 second videos that you have time for.

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