Jul 29, 2016 2:21 PM

Judge won't gag Meredith museum owners who claim crematorium left human ash on grounds

MEREDITH - On grounds of free speech, a judge declined to gag museum owners who claimed a neighboring crematorium had, among other offenses, deposited human ash on museum grounds.

Peter and Kelley Mayhew, operators of the Mayhew Funeral Home, began by seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent their neighbors, Douglas and Leslyee Frederick, who operate the American Police Motorcycle Museum, from making reportedly unfounded claims about the crematorium.

Judge Amy L. Ignatius ruled that the Mayhews were seeking a prior restraint of free speech with the injunction they desired.

However, it was suggested that further defamation of the crematorium would be made at the museum operators' "own peril," according to the Citizen.

The Mayhews assert that the Fredericks have been lying about their crematorium since 2013.

The Fredericks have stated that the crematorium regularly sends up foul black smoke, deposits human ash on museum grounds, and was improperly installed.

While the Fredericks did produce flecked and dirty photographs purporting to show the dark smoke, a test of the facility determined that the facility was producing no undue exhaust.

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