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Apr 5, 2016 5:23 PM

Joe Knows: Spring weather can have a positive effect on your mood

NH1 Chief Meteorologist -

Has the recent snow and cold made you a little grumpy? It is not a surprise. Weather can have a direct effect on our moods and dispositions.

Here are 5 ways spring weather can effect your mood.

Spend time in the sunshine

A recent study found people who spend at least 30 minutes outside in pleasant weather had happier moods a reduced stress. While sunshine will not solve all your problems, it can help to provide a better mindset.

Longer days makes us happy

Seasonal affective disorder in winter is tied to how short the day is, with those long cold dark nights. So even though spring may be getting off to a slow start, we are gaining 3 minutes of daylight with each day. The extra hours of sunlight are making a huge difference.

Warm Weather can make you smart

Being outdoors in an enjoyable climate can improve memory, broaden your thinking and produce more creative thinking.

Exercise does the body good

The warmer weather tends to promote a more active lifestyle. Exercise leads to a boost in endorphins, a chemical in our brains which make us feel good.

In the mood

According to Scientific American, there seems to seasonal connection between warmer temperatures and human conception. The research suggests men's testosterone and women's hormones spike in June with slightly more babies being born 9 months later in the spring.

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