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May 11, 2016 4:25 PM

Joe Knows: Epic storms consisted of 23 different tornadoes

A round of severe weather swept across the plains Monday night, killing at least two people in Oklahoma and completely wiping out homes in multiple locations, making it the most violent day for tornadoes in Oklahoma since May 2013's outbreak.

This tornado from Elmore, Okla., estimated to be at least an EF-2, or possibly a low end EF-3 with estimated winds of 125 to 140 mph. Multiple homes and structures were damaged or destroyed by the tornado, including some mobile homes and barns.

Most of the damage was located in the area of Elmore City, Wynnewood, & Sulfur. Look at this incredible video from Katie Oklahoma, as storm chasers raced to towards the tornado. This should only be done by experienced professional meteorologists as it is extremely dangerous work. But the video captures the violent winds right at the base of the tornado, tearing apart anything in it's path. This tornado is estimated to be an EF-3 as well.

The storms spawned a reported 23 tornadoes, according to the storm prediction center. Some neighborhoods have been left in ruin, with some homes being completely torn off their foundations which is a sign of an extremely violent tornado. Crews from the national weather service surveying tornado-damaged areas today to determine exactly how strong these tornadoes were.

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