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Apr 19, 2016 5:43 PM

Joe Knows: Canada learns firenadoes are a real thing

Source: NH1.com

Tornadoes can come in many shapes and sizes.

But they're not always tornadoes.

A firenado is a whirlwind of hot, dry air, often made up of flames, ash and dust rising rapidly from the ground caused by an intense fire.

As the rising hot air mixes with the incoming turbulent cooler wind conditions, it all combines to form a whirling vortex of air.

One such disaster had Canadian firefighters running for their lives recently in Alberta.

One firefighter even had to jump in the water to escape.

But tornadoes can be just as scary. A large, fast moving tornado out of a thunderstorm caught a man completely off guard in Uruguay over the weekend.

He found himself dangerously close to the storm as the incoming rushing updrafts quickly engulfed his car.

There is ferocious power in the rushing winds of a tornado.

The fast-flying sharp debris often times can be just as deadly as the wind.


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