Jul 19, 2016 6:24 PM

Joe Knows: Breaking down Monday's storms, microburst that tore through Plaistow

Residents across New England are picking up the pieces following severe thunderstorms Monday.

The storms brought gusty winds, lightning, torrential rains and even a confirmed microburst to Plaistow.

Today, the National Weather Service estimated winds of 80-90 miles per hour tore through an area 2 miles wide and 1 ½ mile long. The microburst damaged numerous buildings and snapped hundreds of trees.

Another microburst was reported in Haverhill, Mass. with winds strong enough to split trees in two and uproot trees over 100 years old.

Microbursts can happen when heavy bursts of rain fall out of a thunderstorm and the strong rushing downdrafts of sinking cool air affects only a very small area.

They come with sudden, violent, straight-line winds blowing out in one direction, which can be strong enough to topple large trees and power lines as we saw Monday.

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