Jun 15, 2016 3:17 PM

Joe Knows: 6 tips for a healthy lawn in dry times

NH1 Chief Meteorologist

It looks like we will have many days of sunshine, and warmer temperatures to look forward to.

And while our lawns may be green now, if we get too many days like Wednesday, our lawns may start to brown.

According to the United States Drought Monitor, over half of the state is currently experiencing abnormally dry conditions. Southeast New Hampshire still remains in a moderate drought.

So here are six tips you can do to have your lawn survive the warm summer months ahead.

The Tips

Water/Soak the lawn at least once a week. The equivalent to one inch of rain is needed per week.

Timing is Everything. Water as early in the morning as possible to allow water to soak in and avoid strong rates of evaporation during the day.

Use a Rain Gauge. This will help you monitor how much rain has fallen on your lawn and be a guide for you on how critical it is to water.

Keep the Grass 4 inches High. Mow at the highest setting to maintain strong roots and shade the soil.

Leave the Lawn Clippings. They are organic mulch which break down releasing the nutrient your lawn needs.

Forget the Chemicals. Fertilizers or weed preventers become more of stress to the lawn.

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