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Dec 4, 2015 6:44 PM

In wake of California shooting: should U.S. regulate ammo, not guns?

The San Bernardino tragedy is adding fuel to debate on gun control. But with more guns in the U.S. than there are people, is it even possible to limit access to weapons and prevent shootings?

This is why some people say don't regulate guns - regulate the bullets.

New Hampshire law does not require a license to sell ammunition. The law does not require the keeping of any records about ammunition purchasers. In effect, there is no way of tracking anyone who is hording ammo. Even people who are prohibited from possessing firearms face no ban when it comes to possessing ammunition.

Regardless of where people stand when it comes to gun laws and access to weapons, it's surprisingly easy to get large quantities of ammunition.

Go online and for $9,000, you can have a pallet of 50,000 round of 9 millimeter bullets delivered to your door. You can even double the order and have $18,000 worth of bullets -- 100,000 rounds -- delivered to your home.

Some U.S. cities have restrictions against receiving ammunition shipment, but San Bernardino, where the shootings took place, does allow ammo shipments.

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