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Jun 24, 2016 11:42 AM

In New Hampshire, living for a week in libertarian paradise

The Associated Press

LANCASTER — Porcfest, a weeklong camping festival billed as a libertarian utopia of sorts, is underway in the mountains of northern New Hampshire.

Run by the Free State Project and beginning last Sunday, it attracts 1,500 people annually.

Called "porcupines," they come to be among others who dream of a small government where taxes are limited, trade is free and people may eat, imbibe and inhale whatever they please.

The scene includes T-shirts promoting "Bitcoins not bombs," an ice cream stand selling "Bananarchy," and young men debating the presidential candidacy of Gary Johnson.

Devised in the early 2000s, the Free State Project aims to bring 20,000 libertarians to New Hampshire. This year's PorcFest comes just months after the movement earned its 20,000th "signer," a threshold meant to trigger a mass move to New Hampshire within five years.

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