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Nov 18, 2016 12:37 PM

In AG interviews on Tasker, NH reps talk about places to buy drugs, Murderers' Row


CONCORD - The state representatives interviewed by the attorney general's office about their relationships with Kyle Tasker divulged information about places to buy drugs in New Hampshire, why an area of Representative's Hall is called Murderers' Row and a messaging app that deletes the contents quickly.

During the August interviews, Amanda Bouldin, Joseph Lachance, Pamela Tucker and Ted Wright detailed how they met Tasker and what they knew about his alleged drug dealings.

NH1.com Exclusive Audio from the Tasker investigation

Amanda Bouldin

Joseph Lachance

Pamela Tucker

Ted Wright

Bouldin said the two struck up a friendship in 2014 through Facebook before she became a lawmaker. She later turned to Tasker for advice while they served as representatives together.

"Like I said, I felt really hated in the Statehouse, but everyone hates him more, maybe, Max Abramson, the most. I don’t want to hang out with Max, 'cause he’s crazy," Bouldin said during the Aug. 4 interview.

She said the pair talked and texted frequently up until a week before her interview with the attorney general's office when her lawyer, Seth Hipple, asked her why she was still speaking to Tasker. After Tasker's arrest, Bouldin said most of their conversations were done through messaging app Telegram. Lachance and Wright also said they used the app to communicate with Tasker. Telegram's messages self-destruct and the app also offers secret chats.

Bouldin admitted taking a puff of marijuana with Tasker once but said that she never purchased any drugs from him.

"I know that sounds very Bill Clinton. Because, I don’t do this stuff ever," Bouldin said. "I don’t know if it’s like acting out, or what so I took one puff of marijuana, and I didn’t like it at all."

Bouldin said she didn't want to be associated with the investigation.

"I want to stay really far away from this. I have a kid. She’s my whole world," Bouldin said. "I feel like the closer that I am to this gigantic pile of poop, the more likely I am to lose something of my own. It just terrifies me."

Lachance said he and Tasker didn't really get to know each other until a year after being at the Statehouse, calling Tasker a "problem child" because of where he sat.

"I think if you asked every representative who is in Murderers' Row, Kyle Tasker’s name would come right up," Lachance said. "He’s loud. He doesn’t know who to keep his mouth shut. He said some pretty insulting things."

Lachance described Murderers' Row as a row in Representative's Hall at the Statehouse where Speaker Shawn Jasper put all the "rogue Republicans that were against him." Other people in the row include former House Speaker Bill O'Brien, Rep. Susan Delemus and Rep. Al Baldassaro.

Lachance said he and Tasker formed a friendship over their views on marijuana. Lachance, who now has a therapeutic marijuana card, said eventually he bought from Tasker to help relieve his PTSD and pain from a back surgery.

Lachance said Tasker charged twice the price at $400 an ounce but also said he didn't know the going price of marijuana.

"You could buy $600 worth, and maybe get an ounce, ounce and a quarter," Lachance said. "He wasn’t very good on that end. He was very, very high priced, very expensive. He was, like the Club Med of weed. I guess I would call it."

Lachance said he saw Tasker selling drugs at a private club called the Quill in Manchester.

"Kyle would sit up there with his little, with his little pot, and sell marijuana there, at the Quill during the market days," Lachance said.

According to the Free State Project website, the Quill "played a pivotal role as Manchester’s activism and community hub."

Bouldin said she had attended a few events at the Quill as well but called it "a gross place."

Wright also mentioned the Quill but said it was too far away for him to go. He said he preferred going to Area 23, a restaurant and craft brewery in Concord. Wright said his wife who has cancer had experimented with medical marijuana before when she was participating in a clinical trial.

"So, she tried it, and within minutes, she was eating the biggest meal I’d seen her eat in a year," Wright said. "In three months, she put all the weight back on, and she finished the trial. The only woman out of 50 left on the trial because Dana Farber wouldn’t tell the other women how to deal with these side effects."

Wright and Tasker first met while fighting to legalize medical marijuana. He compared smoking marijuana to drinking alcohol or eating a lot of sugar if you have diabetes.

If I have an addiction to alcohol and I sit at home and drink myself to death, as long as I don’t get behind a wheel of a car ... I’m not going to get arrested for that behavior," Wright said. "I mean, the same goes with Type 2 diabetes for crying out loud. I could eat a pound of sugar every day until I got Type 2 diabetes. You’re not going to send me to jail for that. You would treat me for that."

When the investigators asked about the rumored "drug list," all the representatives told them it didn't exist. However, when asked who could be on the list, Bouldin and Lachance mentioned Tucker.

Tucker told investigators she did not know that Tasker had mentioned her name to anyone else. She said she bought marijuana once from Tasker as well as two small vials of “elixir” from him.

She said she knew Tasker sold drugs because of his scent, telling the investigators that he smelled like marijuana.

Tucker said when she bought the elixirs she didn't realize they were illegal and she didn’t realize the extent of the alleged drug sales.

"He said, 'oh, this one will help you sleep.' And, I bought this, these elixirs from him," Tucker said. "I didn’t know they were illegal. Honestly, I didn’t think he was a drug dealer. I just thought he was a pot guy. I think that’s what most people thought."

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