Jul 12, 2016 5:05 PM

How easy is it to make meth in NH? It only costs $36.36

The State of Maine is advising people not to pick up bottles along the road. That sounds funny coming from a place where recycling is a way of life.

But the warning has nothing to do with environmental stewardship. Those bottles could be contaminated with the drug Methamphetamine.

So far this year Maine authorities have responded to 86 meth incidents. That's a huge jump in meth related arrests. In 2015 the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency responded to just 56 for the entire year.

It makes sense why meth is back in favor. Across Maine and New Hampshire authorities are cracking down on other illegal drugs like fentanyl and heroin. When the illicit drug supply plunges, other drugs come back in the forefront.

But how easy is to make meth? We wanted to find out.

NH1 News sent two reporters, both under the age of 21, to obtain the materials needed to make meth. The two reporters did so - spending only $36.36.

Not only that, but they were only asked to show proof of ID once: to buy Sudafed at a local CVS. The cashier was just checking to make sure that they were at least 18 years old.

While we won’t include a list of the materials, they were all household items and were all purchased in less than two hours. The materials were bought at stores within a 4 mile radius of each other. The two reporters are not old enough to buy alcohol, but they easily obtained all that is needed to make meth.

Methamphetamine abuse is rising in New Hampshire, particularly around the seacoast area. Some crack users have begun to use methamphetamine because of its long-lasting euphoric effects and its comparatively lower cost. Young people, also attracted to the drug's euphoric effects, are increasingly using methamphetamine at rave parties.

In New Hampshire, an ounce of methamphetamine averages from $1,300 to $1,600.

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