Jan 13, 2016 12:52 PM

How big does a Powerball jackpot have to be to get people's attention?

At what point do people who aren't regular players start paying attention to the Powerball jackpot and getting into the game?

A study by Value Penguin calculated roughly what size the jackpot had to be to get widespread public attention. That figure turns out to be around $300 million - any jackpot over that amount triggers an increase in ticket sales of 37 and up. A total of $500 million increases sales by 90 percent.

People in New Hampshire are among those leading the ticket buying charge. Per capita, purchases in New Hampshire have been the second highest in the nation since the last winner on Nov. 4.

Only Rhode Island has more people buying tickets - 3.4 tickets per capita versus New Hampshire at 3.1.

What does an increase in the jackpot to $1.5 billion do to ticket sales? Since this is a first, we don't know. But there's data to collect and someone will surely be crunching it.

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