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May 4, 2016 2:15 PM

Heroin may be the cause of Manchester man's alleged beating of girlfriend with knife

MANCHESTER — Court began Monday after Manchester Police responded to a home in the West Side to find a woman with an infant outside on the ground crying, and saying that her boyfriend tried to threaten her with a knife.

Police arrested the woman’s boyfriend Eric Potvin, after she told police he was shooting up in front of her child. When she asked him to stop, police said he attacked her.

"I mean it’s normally quiet and I got a call from my roommate that there were several cops on the street," said Steven Beland who lives on the same street. "I just stood on my front porch and watched everything unfold from there."

Police said Potvin was at home with his girlfriend on the night of the incident. The two live at 76 Schiller Street and were said to have been fighting and arguing for days. Potvin was in court Wednesday morning after being arrested for criminal threatening and numerous assault charges.

"She informed me that her boyfriend had a knife up to her throat," said Jackie McQuaid, who found the victim outside the home.

Potvin’s lawyer highlighted that Potvin and his alleged victim have a history of drug use. His girlfriend told police that Potvin was attempting to use in front of her child and then Potvin attacked her.

"Help me help me, someone call 911," said McQuaid, while explaining what the woman was screaming when she left the house.

McQuaid was in the neighborhood after Potvin allegedly beat the victim and cut her with a knife and decided to call 911.

"I saw a woman run across the street towards my vehicle and she had an infant, "McQuaid said. "She was hyperventilating and hysterical, absolutely hysterical."

"He ended up throwing her to the ground and kneeling on the right side of her neck," Officer Adam Cortese testified, who also responded to the incident. "She said she couldn’t breathe."

Court documents show the victim said to police, "It feels like he crushed my windpipe… I thought my eyes were going to pop out of the sockets… I’m surprised I’m alive."

The victim also had cigarette burns on her body that Potvin is accused of causing.

Potvin’s attorney also pointed out that he and the victim had been taking suboxone in the days leading up to the altercation. Suboxone is often tied to emotional highs and lows.

Potvin is being held without bail, and his girlfriend appears to be home from the hospital and recovering from her injuries.

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