Jan 21, 2016 3:51 PM

Heroin Hell: North Hampton family telling story of addiction in hopes to educate NH teens

NORTH HAMPTON - Logan Carey, of North Hampton, struggles with heroin addiction.

She has been in and out of rehab facilities 12 times.

Twice she overdosed and nearly died.

Most recently, she participated in the “Intervention 911” program made famous by the television show. But, her mother Tina says her 28-year-old daughter dropped out of the program and is now staying with a friend in California.

“The saddest thing is Logan doesn’t want to do this anymore," said Logan’s mother, Tina Carey. "She says it’s the scariest and loneliest place when she’s using.”

The two haven’t spoken in months, but Tina hopes her daughter is staying sober. In the past, Logan has been sober for months at a time, but then returned to using heroin.

“It’s an addiction," she said. "We don’t understand how something so strong - the high - that they will give up everything for that high.”

Tina and her son, Hunter, are going public with their family’s story because they want to help educate the public about the harrows of heroin addiction.

They are speaking at junior high schools on the Seacoast, hoping Logan’s experiences will discourage other teens from picking up the deadly drug.

“These kids need to hear real stories. Once they get into high school, it’s too late,” said Tina.

Their family already lost one member to drug addiction back in 2007.

Last fall, Logan’s brother Hunter had two friends from his baseball team die after overdosing on heroin. A third friend is in a rehab program and a fourth friend is in prison.

Hunter hasn’t spoken to his sister in months.

“I was gung-ho about helping her stay sober, but after so many failures it got a lot harder,” Hunter said.

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