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Apr 21, 2017 2:58 PM

Here's how to block your children from watching certain shows on Netflix

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Given the recent controversy over Netflix's hit series "13 Reasons Why," here's how your can monitor what your children are watching.

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Whether you want keep your children safe from material you haven't had time to review or you are not comfortable with them watching it, Netflix gives you options.

You can control access to certain maturity levels of Netflix content from the Your Account page under Manage Profiles. Parental control settings must be changed from a computer or mobile browser and will apply to all devices currently attached to your Netflix account, according to Netflix's Help Center.

Netflix parental controls consist of four maturity levels:

Little Kids - Watch TV shows and movies suitable for all ages.

Older Kids - Watch TV shows and movies suitable for older kids.

Teens - Watch TV shows and movies suitable for teens.

Adults - Watch all TV shows and movies, including mature content.

You can set parental controls on individual profiles from the Manage Profiles page by selecting the Edit icon on the profile and then changing the parental control setting from the drop-down menu, according to Netflix.

On your main account profile, you will only be able to select Teens and below or All Maturity levels to preserve access to the Your Account page.

You then have the option to make a kid-only profile on your account. This way your stuff is in one place and theirs in another. To do this, check the "kid" box. Remember though, the maturity ratings can only be adjusted with the controls on that profile.

An important item of note is that it can take up to eight hours for parental control changes to take effect. So if it doesn't immediately work, don't panic. To speed this process up, sign out of your Netflix account on the device you want to watch on, then sign back in.

To take it further, you can set up a PIN.

You can create a PIN by visiting the Your Account page and selecting Parental Controls. You will need to enter your account password before you can set up your PIN. Creation of a PIN can only be done on a computer, according to the help center.

  • Enter four numbers into the PIN field (no letters).

  • Set your viewing restriction level.

  • Select Save. Note: The save button is disabled until 4 numbers are entered.

  • Once you have successfully created your PIN, Netflix will send an email confirming the PIN to the email address you used to create your account.

If you are a former Netflix member and are restarting your service, you may need to set up a new PIN. Note: Creating and using a PIN is not supported on older devices that do not support profiles.

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