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Apr 20, 2016 1:15 PM

Harriet Tubman to be featured on $20 bill, 1st woman in more than 100 years

WASHINGTON D.C. — It's Andrew Jackson no more, as the face of Harriet Tubman will replace Jackson's on the center of the $20 bill - the first time in more than 100 years a female's face has been honored on American paper currency.

The U.S. Treasury Department made the announcement Wednesday. According to the Atlantic, the only other times a woman has been featured on U.S. paper currency was in the 1860s, when Native American Pocahontas appeared on the backside of a $20 bill, and during the 1880s to 1890s when Martha Washington appeared on a $1 silver certificate.

Tubman was an African-American and slave abolitionist who helped thousands of slaves to freedom through the use of the underground railroad. She will replace Jackson, who in contrast was known to be a slaveholder himself. Government officials also said that the newly placed face of Alexander Hamilton will remain on the front of the $10 bill.

The idea of featuring a woman on U.S. paper currency is something that has sparked much debate within the capitol for quite some time.

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