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Nov 2, 2015 6:46 PM

Google Search says God doesn't exist, questions religion, God, and Jesus

"According to Wikipedia- the Christ myth theory is the preposition that Jesus of Nazareth never existed or had anything to do with the founding of Christianity." That's the response you get from Google when you ask their search engine app if Jesus really exists.

When we asked "Is God real?" the answer we got said no, citing C-Net and famous physicist Stephen Hawking.

We asked people for their reaction and while some said it doesn't matter to them what something said on the internet, others were shocked and offended.

One person said "It seems like they failed to figure out if Jesus is a miracle and if Jesus exists; of course he exists."

One young female said, "I would think people who take religion serious would be upset...there's nothing vague or general about it and it doesn't mention a historical aspect."

Another agreed, "I'd be shocked reading it. Like I said, I would just picture it to be more vague. I would think they'd cover all their bases not saying he does exist but not saying he doesn't."When we reached out to Google, they told us these results were based on algorithms and said they are constantly working to improve their content.

But rest assured that someone is checking if you are naughty of nice this year.

When we asked the search engine app if Santa Claus is real- it assured us that he is real "Sometimes it's the real Santa, sometimes it's a Santa's helper but it's very difficult to tell."

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