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Sep 1, 2016 12:27 PM

Georgia homeowners say family left their home filled with trash, dead pets

CLEVELAND, GA — A couple from Georgia opened their home, rent-free, to a lower income family when they moved to North Carolina. To their dismay, the family showed their appreciation by trashing the home and letting some of the animals they were watching die.

Daniel Bryant explained on a Facebook post that he and his wife, Catie, moved to South Carolina for a job offer but did not want to give up their home in Georgia. The couple interviewed several families to live in the home, and finally decided on a family with two children. The Bryants let the family stay in the home rent-free in exchange for caring for several of their animals. The family staying in the home also had to pay utilities on their own.

Catie Bryant told the CBS46 that they originally had five cats, all fixed, that lived outside. They also had at least 50 expensive Koi fish in an outdoor pond and a dog that they could not bring along with them.

When the homeowners returned to Georgia, the house was trashed, there were 16 cats living inside the home, nine of which were dead and only two of the Koi fish had survived. The dog was one of the surviving animals but was severely malnourished and had an "extreme" case of fleas, Catie Bryant told CBS46.

Of three dogs, the one they left behind was a pit bull, named Tinkerbell. When the Bryants arrived back at the house the dog was roaming free and was so skinny her ribs were protruding. The dog was living without any food or water, Bryant said.

Bryant claims that he and his wife called the family several times over the past few months in order to check in about the house. Each time the answer was the same, "it's fine."

"Catie just called and she tried to give the fish fresh water and they are all dead. All of our cats are gone and one of our favorites was lying dead in the grass," Bryant wrote in the same FB post.

The house was so badly infested with fleas, Animal Control allegedly put the house under quarantine and removed all the animals.

White County Animal Control officers also told CBS46 it's the worst flea infestation they've ever seen.

A warrant has been issued for the two adult members of the family who abandoned the house. Bryant claims they are working to pursue cruelty and neglect charges against the stay-in family.

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