Jul 29, 2016 5:37 PM

Former State Rep. facing drug, illegal use of computer charges can now use internet

BRENTWOOD - The controversial, former State Rep. who is facing charges for drug possession and luring a teenager online for sex, can now use the internet.

Kyle Tasker, 30, of Nottingham is facing ten charges. Investigators say a 14-year-old girl and her mother filed a complaint with police after Tasker contacted the girl online. Investigators then posed as the girl and Tasker asked for sex and offered drugs. He was charged with four counts of prohibited use of a computer.

An investigation of Tasker's home led to six more charges, drug possession and intent to sell.

Friday, Tasker's attorney argued the bail condition that prohibited his client from possessing any device that could connect to the internet was unreasonable. Tasker currently had a phone with limited capabilites that allowed him to communicate with his pretrial service program contact via text and phone calls.

Prosecutors argued that given four of his charges are prohibited use of a computer, banning internet use was a matter of public safety.

"Putting the internet in front of Kyle Tasker given the nature of this case is like putting heroin in front of an addict," said Deputy Rockingham County Attorney Patricia LaFrance.

"Why put him in that position to harm another child?" she said.

The judge ruled that Tasker can use the internet under certain conditions.

All devices must be registered with the state, nothing can be purposely deleted, he cannot borrow a device or use a public computer.

The target date for the trial is April of 2017.

Colleen Shaughnessy is a multimedia journalist for NH1 News. You can email her at and follow her on Twitter, @ColleenNH1.

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