Ohio Gov. John Kasich addresses the New Hampshire Republican convention delegation in Cleveland, on July 20, 2016

Jul 20, 2016 4:25 PM

FIRST on NH1 News: Trump campaign NH co-chairman urges delegation skip Kasich meeting

NH1 News Political Director

CLEVELAND – The co-chairman of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign in New Hampshire said Wednesday that Ohio Gov. John Kasich is showing “hypocrisy” in not attending the GOP convention, adding “it’s absolutely a disgrace.”

And state Rep. Steve Stepanek, a Trump delegate attending the Republican National Convention, urged his fellow members of the New Hampshire delegation not to attend an event with Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Wednesday afternoon.

“Gov. Kasich has not endorsed our nominee now for president in Donald J Trump. He has not even participated in our convention in his home state, this great state of Ohio. No sign of Gov. Kasich anywhere. And yet he’s hosting an event for New Hampshire and other swing states hoping that our nominee does not get elected," Stepanek said.

"I think it’s absolutely a disgrace on his part to be hosting anybody and I ask all of my fellow delegates to boycott this event because he should not be doing what he’s doing without participating, without endorsing, without in anyway supporting the Republican ticket this fall. It’s just disgraceful to me.”

But it was a different message from state Rep. Fred Doucette, a fellow co-chair of the Trump campaign in New Hampshire. Doucette, who’s also attending the convention as a pledged delegate for Trump, said the campaign is not boycotting the event with Kasich.

Asked about Stepanek’s comments, Doucette said “everybody is entitled to their opinions and their choices when it comes to attending any event.”

And he added that the Trump campaign in New Hampshire is working closely with the NHGOP, which organized the event with Kasich.

“We’re working together. They’re a great team,” he added.

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