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Apr 8, 2016 3:39 PM

Farmington School Board reviews teen pregnancy policies after court ruling

FARMINGTON - Farmington school officials reviewed their "how to handle teen pregnancy" policies, after the Supreme Court ruled they couldn't fire a guidance counselor who helped a student get an abortion.

According to the Union Leader, Superintendent Keith Pfeifer said Thursday, that if a student under 18 becomes pregnant, the decision to have an abortion is a family decision because of the state’s parental notification law. The student and their parents are referred for counseling.

Pfeifer also made it clear, that if a pregnancy is a result of rape then police are also required to be notified.

In November 2012, a then-pregnant 15-year-old Farmington student and her boyfriend were working with the high school's guidance counselor Demetria McKaig. They told McKaig that they wanted to terminate the pregnancy. McKaig suggested that the student tell her mother, but she refused, saying she was fearful for her safety.

After the conversation, McKaig then called the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union to ask for its help in preventing the girl’s mother from finding out about the pregnancy, even though Principal Matt Jozokos ordered school staff to inform the mother.

Once fired for insubordination, breach of student confidentiality and neglect of duties, McKaig brought her termination before the Supreme Court which ruled she must be reinstated.

The school board is considering whether or not McKaig should receive back pay for the time she was absent, which is scheduled to be discussed during the board's next meeting on April 18.

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