Mar 9, 2016 12:19 PM

Facebook's new software scans for new slang and adds terms to 'social glossary'

Facebook owns a new software that scans its social network for emerging new slang terms and then stores them in a "social glossary."

According to Business Insider, a software patent granted last month is for a system that will examine posts and messages on the social network and look for something called neologisms.

The network has noticed that there are pieces of new language that Facebook users have been using in their posts and uploaded content that are not yet common, when they are too new for the network to index.

With this new Facebook glossary, the network will now be able to store neologisms such as "oversharer,""digital detox," and "sick" all commonly used as positive adjectives.

Once the term is spotted by the new software, the automated system will then double check to see that it's not already in use, and if it appears to be a new phrase that's growing in popularity then it will be added to the social glossary.

The system will also check for terms that fall out of popularity, and will also have the capability to remove such words.

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