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Dec 16, 2015 12:44 PM

Expert says these are 10 body language signs that signal someone might be a terrorist

In a new book, body language expert, Dr. Lillian Glass outlines the 10 signs of a terrorist based on body language.

As Dr. Glass outlines fear, anxiety, anger and numbness as four emotions that terrorists typically exhibit and that these emotions are often easily detectable through body language and speech.

The signs

-Terrorists often make it a point to fit in, by wearing Western-looking attire. However, there are some terrorists, like Shoe Bomber Richard Reid, whose disheveled appearance was cause for concern. Wearing layered, bulky, or inappropriate clothing for warm weather may be other giveaways. And, then there are terrorists who dress in tactical or military garb and look like the terrorists they are.

-Sweating that is out of sync with weather conditions is also a signal, especially when you see sweating over the upper lip. This may indicate nervousness or anxiety.

-It is not uncommon to see women terrorists walking with bowed heads and rounded shoulders. In male terrorists, we may see the opposite-someone walking with purpose, rapidly with a wide stride, head up, and shoulders back as though they are on a mission.

-Upper-chest breathing, along with constantly gulping in many deep breaths, is often seen in terrorists and is an indicator of fear and anxiety. This was often seen in the Last Will tapes of the 9/11 terrorists.

-Self-soothing by rocking back and forth, patting one's body, or fidgeting is another group of anxiety-telling behaviors exhibited by terrorists.

-Leg kicking is another signal of anxiety, while leg crossing may indicate insecurity, as the person attempts to minimize himself physically.

-Hand wringing may be a sign of anxiety, while seeing a clenched fist may indicate anger and arrogance. These hand movements have often been seen in terrorists. Whenever you see uncontrolled hand or arm movement (as shown by the Mumbai terrorist), beware, as it may often be a precursor to killing and destruction.

-The way a terrorist may walk is important as oftentimes, there is an "I'm on a mission" walk with large strides. This was seen in the surveillance tapes of many terrorists. Also look for walking n single file as the Boston Bombers, Tsaraev brothers demonstrated.

-Arm crossing may be a signal of arrogance and anger.

-Finger pointing directly at you indicates hostility and extreme anger. This gesture has often been seen in terrorist leaders. Another hateful and hostile gesture is when chopping motions are used to stress points, as was often seen in the videos of the late terrorist leader Anwar al-Awlaki.

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