Jan 11, 2017 3:28 PM

Does every animal fart? No - but a lot of them do


The ever-dreaded social moment where you let one out, and have a group of people staring back as if they've never heard or smelt a fart.

With that said, knowing all humans fart, what about animals? Marine invertebrates? Reptiles? The list goes on.

Well, [possibly] to your surprise - or not - most animals, in fact, do fart. But not all. So in researching this comical subject, real-life scientists took to social media to find the answers, according to the Washington Post.

The hashtag - #DoesItFart - has been circulating around Twitter, along with a Google Spreadsheet, that explains all the animals and do, and don't, let one out every so often.

Rats, zebras, bats and bearded dragons? Oh yeah, they fart.

Marine invertebrates? No... these guys actually are "whoopee-impaired," as the Post puts it. So, crabs, oysters, and mussels are under the don't fart category.

Birds fall under the don't category, as well. They don't seem to have the biological need to pass gas, but could, theoretically.

So, what about chimpanzees? Interesting enough, chimpanzees definitely fart, but the interesting part is - they actually recognize rear-ends like people recognize faces.

To bring it back to a serious point, as some may know, cattle fart, and it's not great for the atmosphere. The methane in their flatulence contains methane, which allegedly contributes to climate change, according to the Environmental Defense Fund.

So, if you find yourself at home, wondering which animals fart, and which animals don't, simply search the hashtage - #DoesItFart - and study away!

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