Feb 8, 2016 12:57 PM

Did you know? History and fun facts about the FITN NH Primary

The N.H. Primary is just a day away.

You've no doubt seen the crowds and the media circus across the state the past few months.

But did you know...

- This year is the 100th Anniversary of the NH Primary (First in the Nation Primary)

- The first NH Primary was held on March 14, 1916

- It is an open Primary, meaning voters that do not have a party affiliation can chose to vote in either party at the polls.

- In NH residents can register at the polls to vote

- This is the first Primary with NHs Voter ID Law in place.

- State law requires NH be the first in the nation primary... and while it was held in March from 1952-1972 , threats from other states to go first have moved the date up. The primary was held in February from 1988-1996 in 2008 it was moved to Janaury 8th and in 2012 it was on January 10th. This year's primary is being held the latest since 1996.

- Turnout is usually strong for the primary, in 2008 there were 529,000 votes cast. The Secretary of State expects to beat that record this year, based in part by the number of absentee ballots that have already been turned in.
Secretary of State is predicting a 63 percent turnout

- About 44 percent of the voters are "Independent" or unaffiliated with a party.

- Each City and Town sets its own polling hours... so they vary across the state.

- Dixville Notch, New Hampshire was the first town in the nation to vote in presidential elections for 60 years. In the 2016 primary, Millsfield, New Hampshire residents will be the first to vote when they head to the polls at midnight.

- Richard Nixon has won the most New Hampshire primaries. He won in 1960, 1968, and 1972.

- Hillary Clinton beat Barrack Obama in 2008

- Polls are not always right... In 2000, the average of all polls showed John McCain beating George W. Bush by eight points. McCain won by 18 points, more than twice what polls predicted

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