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Nov 3, 2015 4:23 PM

Denise Robert memorial in Manchester missing day after FBI announces help in investigation

MANCHESTER - A day after the FBI confirmed it is joining the investigation into Denise Robert's death, the memorial in the North End has been uprooted.

“What a classless thing to do to take it down if it was a vandalism thing,” said Sam Daghir, who lives in Manchester.

NH1 News met up with Kristen Cottle, who worked on putting together the neighborhood watch after Robert’s death to see if she knew about the missing memorial.

She reached out to members of the watch, saying they won’t stand for the memorial being taken down.

“It would be really odd to me, and to be honest, a tragedy if someone stole it,” said Cottle, hoping it to be some mix up.

But on Tuesday, there was nothing but leaves on the ground.

Cottle told NH1 News that she will rebuild it, but finds it strange that this happened just as the FBI is expected to make their stake in the investigation.

Manchester police have been seen going door to door asking neighbors to sign off on their willingness to cooperate. Joan Bussiere was told her property will be searched.
“I signed the paper. It basically is giving him or the department permission to search the area looking for clues,” said Bussiere.

“They’re welcome [to the neighborhood]. We need all the help we can get,” said Daghir.

“The family has a right to closure and we as a neighborhood need closure. We need to understand what happened and what transpired and if the FBI can help that than by all means,” said Cottle.

The FBI is expected to conduct its search on Thursday and Friday.

Robert died in the North End in Manchester where she was shot during her evening walk. On Tuesday, just days before the FBI arrives for their investigation, neighbors complained.

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