Mar 15, 2017 5:09 PM

Dem. state rep. who's tweets made headlines says her naughty language isn't the issue


CONCORD — A freshman Democratic state representative who tweeted she felt “homicidal” after being told to “calm down” by men says she’s “not the one who should be getting attention right now.”

And the top Democrat in the state House of Representatives says he questions “the appropriateness” of the tweet.

Rep. Sherry Frost of Dover on Monday tweeted “The people (read; men) telling me to ‘calm down’ & ‘not take it hard’ are making me homicidal. I refuse to account 4 having a conscience.”

It’s not clear who exactly told Frost to “calm down,” or what she was told to “calm down” about. But an hour before the tweet, she suggested in a tweet that the U.S. House Republican leadership’s bill to repeal and replace the federal health care law “cleanses the country of poor, sick, brown people.”

And an hour earlier she was critical of Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King’s controversial comments that “we can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies.” King’s comments, which created a national firestorm, were in support of a nationalist politician in the Netherlands who’s known as the “Dutch Trump”

Frost told NH1 News on Wednesday that “the same people who decry political correctness are now getting upset that I use naughty language to highlight the actual things the NH Republicans are actually DOING. Respectfully, I'm not the one who should be getting attention right now.”

Frost, who tweets numerous times a day, is a former part-time faculty member at the University of New Hampshire who’s currently a part-time instructor there in campus recreation.

The lawmaker made headlines in January, at the start of the legislative session, when she used profanity in tweets criticizing advocates of right to work laws and supporters of a bill to repeal the permit needed to carry a concealed weapon in New Hampshire.

On Tuesday, the New Hampshire GOP highlighted Frost’s tweet, saying on their Twitter account that if the representative “had said this at a school, they would have shut it down, sent kids home and restrained her.”

And Republican state party chair Jeanie Forrester told reporters that Frost is “clearly a threat to her colleagues” at the State House.

State House of Representatives Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff told NH1 News on Wednesday that he hasn’t talked to Frost about this incident. But he said that “we constantly remind our members of the Democratic caucus to be very careful what they tweet.”

“I think members of the House on both sides of the aisle must be very careful in anything they put out in the public domain,” the Democrat from Penacook added.

“I saw the tweet that she sent out referring to her own state of mind. I question maybe the appropriateness of it,” Shurtleff said.

But he added that First Amendment rights allow her to say such things.

Asked about the criticism from the state Republican party, Shurtleff said “I think that’s going a little bit overboard. I think the Republican chair would say something like that.”

And he added that “I do not think Rep. Frost is a threat to herself or anybody else. I know she was frustrated after a long day in the House and a lot of disappointing votes.”

The state House Republican leadership had no comment on Frost’s tweets and the criticism from the NHGOP.

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