May 8, 2016 2:03 PM

Defend Freedom Tour makes it's 112th stop in Manchester

Manchester — The Defend Freedom Tour made its 112th stop in Manchester Saturday night where Veterans, military members, and families, joined together to show their respect, call for action, and defend their Patriotism for their country.

"They mean so much to me, I feel so bad," 90 year-old Lyonel Leblanc said. Leblanc was a Master Sergeant in the US Air force during WWII and said that not much has changed when it comes to service members returning from duty.

"It's awful to see those guys have PTSD. In WWII we'd call that shell shock. It's not all that different. I don't want to see anybody go south when we can prevent it," Leblanc said.

The Concerned Veteran's for America began the Defend Freedom Tour three years ago, giving military members of all generations a place to unite.

"As a veteran that is my responsibility always. Veterans come first in my life," state Senator Sam Cataldo said.

Most importantly, the Tour is a way people to join a movement.

"The goal behind the Defend Freedom tour is to build an Army of Patriots that are sick and tired of a government not listening to what they say and a VA not taking care of our heroes," Cody Mcgregor said. Cody served in the Army and was a sniper and a squad leader, providing strategic support in dozens of complex missions along the Afghan/Pakistan border after the 9/11 attacks. He now continues his service through the Concerned Veteran's for America and their National Outreach Director.

The gathering held a special appearance from Navy Seal Gold Star mother, Karen Vaughn and uplifting music by Madison Rising and country singer Ayla Brown—honoring the commitment of over 22 million veterans and 80 million military family members across the country.

"A lot of us fought and sacrificed for this country and the rights that we have so we gotta continue to value those. So it's important that we all get together and support each other support the country and keep it going," Randy Davis Sr. a retired US Marine Said.

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