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May 3, 2016 1:41 PM

Defamation suit revolving around 'drug dealer' claims on Manchester billboard put on hold

Chances are if you’ve been to the mall of New Hampshire the signs outside The Mortgage Specialists have caught your eye. Most recently calling prominent businessmen “drug dealers” and using colorful language to describe politicians.

Tuesday was supposed to be the day that began Dick Anagnost would have his defamation of character suit against Micheal Gill and Mortgage Specialists but upon beginning the preceding a verbal circus ensued.

“So for now I’m going to issue a brief order to recuse myself for the reasons I made mention of my minimal involvement in your prior case,” said Judge Andrew Schulman to the court Tuesday morning.

Judge Schulman removed himself from the defamation lawsuit filed against Michael Gill warning he had minimal involvement in a previous case connected to Gill in the past.

“Mister Gill has a history of filing motions to recuse judges,” commented Anagnost's legal team who did not want to speak on camera. Anagnost’s lead attorney Steve Gordon told NH1 News the accusations that Gill has posted on his signage could not be further from the truth.

“I have spoken to many witnesses who told me about these crimes,” said Gill defending his claims.

Unfortunately there was no judge available to review the suit Tuesday but Gill was ready to name drop his alleged sources who make similar “drug dealing” claims about Anagnost and others.

“He got arrested with the guns and the money and the gold bars,” said Gill in a video pulled from his State of Corruption website. The video shows him alleging he has documentation of the allegations against Anagnost and Andy Crews another businessman plastered on Gill’s billboard.

“The number one drug dealer at the time was involved in your treatment centers,” said Gill about Crews.

To get proof of these allegations and documents from Gill is not such an easy feat.

Gill said Tuesday outside of court, “I have them in my office so you’re welcome to take a look at them.”

But when he asked if he would post this proof on his website he responded, “Post what? Tini has them,” and backpedaled on where said proof may exist and in whose possession.

A new judge will have to be appointed to the defamation case which will be heard in the coming weeks. Until a judge’s ruling, the sign and its accusations stays up.

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