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Dec 8, 2015 6:26 PM

Dad dangles daughter over Merrimack River, friends defend father

MANCHESTER - Appearing in court on Tuesday, a Nashua father who was arrested on Monday afternoon for what witnesses describe as him dangling his almost two year old daughter over the Merrimack River.

A police affidavit describes only 4 inches of concrete and one misstep separated a toddler from falling in.

Matthew Jordan was in Arms Park with his daughter on Monday afternoon. Friends and family say the pair are inseparable but were shocked to learn why Jordan appeared in court Tuesday.

“I just can’t imagine it. It’s reprehensible,” said Deborah Curtis who runs the river walk in Arms Park almost every day.

Police reports say witness gave accounts of Jordan taking the toddler and swinging her over the safety railing. Once the child held on with two hands, they said Jordan stepped back to take a photo of her with his cell phone.

“I’m a parent and I’m a grandparent of three granddaughters (ages) 2, 6, and 12. I wouldn’t even stand here,” said Curtis grabbing the safety railing separating her from the river. “I wouldn’t do it so I just can’t imagine how irresponsible the parent is to do that.”

Friends of the Nashua native say they admit it was a risky move but they told NH1 News that Jordan loves his kids and would never intentionally hurt the child.

“Not the smartest definitely but I don’t think there was any fowl intention or that he ever meant it in a harmful way. Not maybe the greatest decision but mistakes are made, you know that’s what parenting is. It’s all a part of learning,” said family friend and neighbor, Keri Horne.

Witnesses who didn’t want to be identified told NH1 News they felt uncomfortable watching the scene unfold.

Manchester officers received multiple calls to get a cruiser to the river’s edge.

Jordan’s friends call it all a misunderstanding. He will appear back in court for a trial date set on January 25th until then he is being held on $7,500 dollars cash or bond.

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