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Nov 27, 2016 1:36 PM

Cuban-born author in Plymouth praises Trump's reaction to Castro's death

PLYMOUTH — A noted author says he is left with a feeling of dissatisfaction after the death Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Dr. Manuel Marquez-Sterling, the son of a former Cuban house leader, said in the Union Leader that Cuba won't be freer under Fidel's brother Raúl, who he described as just as vengeful a leader.

The 85-year-old, Havana-born Marquez-Sterling celebrated his birthday on Saturday, the day after Raúl announced that Fidel had died at 90. He called the passing a "gift". He has written books accusing Castro of turning a prosperous Cuba into a third-world economy.

He also praised the reaction of President-Elect Donald Trump to the news of Fidel's death. Trump released a statement saying that while Cuba remains totalitarian, it is to be hoped that Fidel's death marks a step toward a freer future for the "wonderful Cuban people".

Marquez-Sterling was critical of how the last three administrations handled Cuba, and looks forward to seeing how Trump will deal with with the island.

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